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Pet-Friendly Cleaning Services That Don’t Discriminate


When living with a pet, you can always expect fur, stains, and certain smells to invade your home. Despite your best cleaning efforts, removing them can be quite challenging, especially if you don’t know the right products and tools to use. If you are currently facing this challenge, we are the general cleaning services to call!

My Cleaning Team LLC is your friendly neighborhood provider of cleaning services that offer pet-friendly cleaning that doesn’t discriminate.

Our house cleaning in Florida is dedicated to giving you a clean and safe home to live in with your animal companion. Pets are a part of the family, and so we clean up after them as well! During service, we recommend that you keep your pet somewhere they will be comfortable — not all of our furry friends like the sound of vacuums or unfamiliar people in their space.

In times when you don’t want third-party cleaning services, you can always do the following:

  • Use a lint roller to remove excess fur on clothes and furniture.
  • Stop dirt at the door by investing in portable paw-cleaning tools or by keeping a towel and a shallow container filled with water by the door.
  • Deep-clean your pet’s toys and other essentials. Sometimes, we forget to give their toys, beds, cages, and other essentials a good clean, and ignoring that can result in bad smells over time.
  • You can use white vinegar to deodorize your carpet. Contact our team for white vinegar cleaning formulas.
  • Brush your pet regularly.

Let us know how you’d like our general cleaning in Hollywood, Florida, to handle your pet ahead of time to keep them safe and happy. Contact 786-439-5476 to set an appointment.

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